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USA & Main: Welcome to USA TODAY's new storefront for small businesses and enterpreneurs

Monday, June 11, 2018  
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Steve Strauss | USA TODAY 


Main Street. It has a lovely patina, does it not?

Evoking iconic Americana images of mom and apple pie, neighbors and hometowns, indeed, of small business itself, Main Street historically radiates a glow as warm and sweet as a wintry cup of cocoa.

But lately, Main Street has had to evolve. Given the rise of the Internet, global competition, recessions and wars, and changing demographics and tastes, Main Street today is different from the Main Street of yore.

Warm and fuzzy still? Sure. But Main Street today is also higher tech, more multicultural and increasingly innovative.

This new Main Street is the one we will be celebrating, encouraging and assisting with the launch of USA & Main, a new section for small business, startups and entrepreneurs at, that launches this week.  For a preview, and to sign up for our newsletter, go to

Like Main Street itself, our coverage has evolved, and we think you will love the changes. Visit to find stories, videos, tips and hacks to help you run your business better or start the company you've always dreamed of.

While you browse, consider all of the ways Main Street's small businesses have morphed over the years.

Main Street entrepreneurs used to only sell offline

The new Main Streeters sell offline, online, everywhere. Whereas traditional Main Street was a local affair where proprietors knew their local customers by name, the new Main Street business owners are just as devoted to using the Internet to find new customers from across the country and around the globe. Indeed, e-commerce, once the sole domain of behemoths such as Amazon, now fuels Main Street's growth. 

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