Why is Everyone Talking About Employee Engagement?
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Why is Everyone Talking About Employee Engagement?

February 25th, 2020 2:00 - 3:00 P.M.

Presented by:
Eliyahu Lotzar, Ed.D, M.S.W.
Reframed Reality


To increase results, we try to do better and work with our staff to help them do better. We try explanation, inspiration, rewards, new software, anything. While those efforts are helpful, it is team synergy that frees us and our staff to get better results. In this webinar, Dr. Lotzar discusses how to generate, maintain, and increase team synergy.

Applying the principles he presents will results in:

· increased collaboration

· increased satisfaction, meaning, engagement, and passion

· decreased levels of “it’s not my job” thinking

· staff that hears each other better and engages in better-planned efforts

· increase in innovative and implementable ideas


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About the Presenter: Dr. Eliyahu Lotzar


Eliyahu’s career spans several decades helping individuals and teams discover and remove barriers to their next level of achievement. His consistent focus is on the intersection of individual and group, balancing organizational and human needs.

With a Doctorate in Executive Leadership and a Masters in Social Work Administration, Eliyahu has broad cross-sectoral experience. He has worked in social service agencies, the credit and financial data industries, and in workforce development in higher education, and has owned and operated several businesses. He was called on by the U.S. Congress to provide expert testimony on workforce education and developed expertise in soft skills and team success through his training and consulting practice, Reframed Reality (reframedreality.com). A thought leader on the human workplace, he helps teams reframe their relationships, processes, and structures, solve intractable problems, and create a more engaged workforce. He has been certified by both the Arbinger and the Adizes institutes to facilitate processes of organizational transformation.



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