Know your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering Compliance​
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 Know your Customer and
Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

Presented by: Lloyd B. Sarakin Esq
Date:Thursday, June 20th 2019
Time2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. (EST)
The Presentation:

Presenter- Lloyd B. Sarakin Esq. of the Law Offices of Lloyd B. Sarakin LLC providing general counsel and legal services to corporations and former Vice President and Associate General Counsel at Sony Electronics Inc.

In these troubling times of terrorism and increased concern in this area, does your company have a proper Anti-Money Laundering Compliance program in place and operating?If not, it could be subject to fines, civil and criminal penalties, and forfeiture of funds, not to mention damage to its reputation.

As financial and credit professionals, you are the first, and perhaps only line of defense in this war against money laundering.

Learn the basics of how money laundering is accomplished and how to protect against it. What are the applicable laws and how those laws might apply to your company and you. Topics including, the OFAC list and screening, Know Your Customer, Red Flags and acceptable forms of payment will be discussed.

You won’t want to miss this important program which may help save your company from liability and financial risk in this important area.


About the Presenter:

The Law Offices of Lloyd B. Sarakin LLC, provides legal services and counselling to corporations in the areas of creditor's rights, bankruptcy, contract review and negotiations, anti-money laundering compliance, as well as offering general counsel services on an as needed basis. Lloyd was a partner in the law firm of Henderson, Caverly, Pum and Charney and provided credit, bankruptcy and creditor's rights counselling to his clients before he decided to open his own practice.

Prior to this, Lloyd was a member of the legal department at Sony Electronics Inc. in Park Ridge, NJ. for 26 years. As Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Lloyd was in charge of all credit, financial, and bankruptcy matters in the U.S. as well as representing the Treasury Group and the Media Application and Solutions Divisions of Sony. Lloyd was responsible with a colleague for developing, implementing and maintaining Sony’s anti money laundering program in the U.S. and had been invited to Washington D.C. by the Dept. of Homeland Security in 2003 along with representatives of other large national companies to attend a working group of trade based companies working with the U.S. government to reduce money laundering occurrences in the private sector.

Lloyd has been in-house counsel to other large, national companies as well as having litigation experience while working at a mid-sized law firm at the start of his career.


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