The Art of Visualizing Data - Tableau
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The Art of Visualizing
Financial Data
Available for the month of December
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If you have not heard of Tableau and the word brings back memories of High School French, you need to make time for this educational webinar.
It used to be that only Data Scientists and Business Intelligence Professionals were using Tableau. Now anyone in Finance, Accounting and Order to Cash that wants to be on the cutting edge of reporting and analysis is expected to know how to work on Tableau.

Thanks to the Tableau team for sharing their insights.
Key Topics that Will be Discussed;
This is a basic hands-on Tableau class with financial data. We will explore what finance customers are doing with Tableau. Attendees will see reporting and visual examples and then work in Tableau with financial services and corporate finance data.
What you will learn:
  • An introduction to the best ways to visualize and report financial data
  • How to create a CFO dashboard
  • How to create financial ratios and KPIs in Tableau from raw data
Class Materials:
  • Finance PPT
  • Tableau Workbook Starter
  • Tableau Workbook (Solutions)
  • Bloomberg Sample Data
Length: 75 Min
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